DOTween (HOTween v2)

DOTween is a Free asset tool that lets you animate anything in unity. You can animate game objects and UI using a simple line of code. It's Lightweight and performant. Once you get used to it, you won't be able to create a new project without it.

Elevate Your Animations with DOTween for Unity!

Looking to breathe life into your Unity projects with smooth and dynamic animations? Meet DOTween – the ultimate animation engine designed to bring your creations to life with ease and efficiency.

Why Choose DOTween?

🌟 Lightweight and Optimized: Experience lightning-fast animations with DOTween’s highly optimized, memory-efficient engine. Say goodbye to performance bottlenecks and hello to silky-smooth motion.

🔧 Modular and Customizable: Tailor DOTween to fit your project’s needs with modular design that allows you to activate or deactivate references to major Unity systems like physics and UI. Enjoy flexibility without sacrificing performance.

🎨 Animate Anything with Ease: Whether you’re animating objects, UI elements, or even strings with rich text support, DOTween makes it a breeze. Choose from shortcuts or DOTween’s generic approach to bring your vision to life.

🔄 Complete Control: Take charge of your animations with a plethora of control methods at your fingertips. Play, pause, rewind, complete, and more with ease. Organize your tweens into complex groups for streamlined management.

🌀 Versatile Tweens: Explore a variety of tween options, including looping with yoyo and incremental options, custom easing with AnimationCurves, and relative tweens. Plus, enjoy a wide array of callbacks for added functionality.

Seamless Integration: Integrate DOTween effortlessly into your projects and enjoy additional features like WaitFor methods for use in coroutines, blendable tweens, and animate objects along linear or curved paths with ease.

🛠️ Easy Setup and Configuration: Utilize DOTween’s Utility Panel to set preferences and access the DOTween Inspector for additional data while playing in the Unity Editor. Experience a streamlined workflow from setup to execution.

🔍 Utility Panel and Inspector: Benefit from DOTween’s Utility Panel and Inspector, providing easy access to preferences and additional data while testing your animations directly in the Unity Editor.

🎉 Endless Possibilities: Unlock a world of creative potential with DOTween’s wide range of features, including extra shortcuts for external assets and additional DOVirtual methods for enhanced functionality.

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