Lean GUI

Lean GUI is an all-in-one UI tool for unity. You can find ready-made prefabs examples in multiple demo scenes. You can find beautifully animated buttons, Toggles, Switches, Selectors, Modals, and many more.

Are you ready to take your game’s user interface (UI) to the next level? Introducing Lean GUI – a powerful collection of components designed to extend Unity’s GUI system and elevate the user experience (UX) of your projects.

Why Choose Lean GUI?

💡 Comprehensive Demo Scenes: Dive into our extensive library of tutorial demo scenes, meticulously crafted to guide you through each feature step-by-step. With detailed descriptions and settings explanations, mastering Lean GUI has never been easier.

💡 User-Friendly Design: Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, Lean GUI components feature fully modular designs, intuitive settings, and detailed tooltips. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to Unity, Lean GUI makes UI enhancement a breeze. Plus, access the full C# source code for ultimate customization freedom!

💡 Ongoing Support: With over 6 years of regular updates, Lean assets are committed to providing long-term support and continuous improvement. Your feedback drives our dedication to excellence.

💡 Key Components: Explore a diverse range of components, including LeanButton for responsive button design, LeanDrag for intuitive UI dragging, LeanTooltip for informative tooltips, LeanJoystick for on-screen joystick creation, and many more!

💡 Versatile Functionality: From button transitions to drag-and-drop interfaces, tooltips to joysticks, Lean GUI offers a versatile toolkit to enhance every aspect of your game’s UI.

💡 Seamless Integration: Integrate Lean GUI components seamlessly into your project, with modular designs that complement Unity’s inspector style and blend effortlessly with your existing UI elements.

💡 Flexible Customization: Customize UI elements to fit your project’s needs, with settings for layout, orientation, responsiveness, and more. Create UI elements that adapt to different display modes, device notches, and user interactions with ease.

💡 Effortless Interactivity: Enhance user engagement with interactive UI elements that respond to touch, gestures, and hover events. From shaking elements to pulsating notifications, Lean GUI adds dynamic flair to your UI design.

💡 Streamlined Workflow: Simplify UI development with Lean GUI’s intuitive components, reducing the need for complex coding and allowing you to focus on crafting an exceptional user experience.

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