Lean Touch

The perfect asset to add any touch control for your game. No code is required! Simply pick the components you want, customize the settings, and enjoy consistent controls across Android, iOS, and Desktop!

🌟 Discover the Power of Lean Touch for Unity!

Are you looking to enhance your Unity projects with intuitive touch controls and seamless gesture handling? Look no further than Lean Touch – the ultimate solution for effortless touch input integration and gesture recognition.

Here’s Why Lean Touch Stands Out:

💡 Comprehensive Demo Scenes: Dive into our wide range of tutorial demo scenes, meticulously crafted to guide you through each feature step-by-step. With detailed descriptions, component breakdowns, and settings explanations, mastering Lean Touch has never been easier.

💡 User-Friendly Design: Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, Lean Touch features fully modular components with intuitively named settings and detailed tooltips. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer to Unity, you’ll find Lean Touch a breeze to work with. Plus, access the full C# source code for ultimate customization freedom!

💡 Ongoing Support: With over 6 years of regular updates, Lean Touch is committed to providing long-term support and continuous improvement. Your feedback fuels our dedication to excellence.

💡 Touch Simulation: Test complex gestures like pinch and twist directly within the Unity editor with Lean Touch’s touch simulation feature. Save time by fine-tuning gestures without the need to deploy to mobile devices.

💡 Effortless Gesture Handling: Say goodbye to complicated gesture calculations – Lean Touch handles it all for you. Add swipe or pinch controls with a single component and link them to any action you desire.

💡 Cross-Platform Compatibility: Develop once and deploy anywhere with Lean Touch’s seamless cross-platform support for iOS, Android, and Desktop. Even if mobile support isn’t in your immediate plans, Lean Touch simplifies mouse controls and future mobile porting.

💡 DPI Handling: Enjoy precise touch control sensitivity calibrated automatically based on your device’s DPI value. Your controls will feel just right on iPhone, iPad, and beyond, without manual adjustments.

💡 Extreme Flexibility: From 2D to 3D, top-down to side-scrolling, UI integration to object selection, Lean Touch adapts to suit the needs of any project. Customize settings to fit your specific requirements effortlessly.

💡 Seamless UI Integration: Keep your game looking polished with Lean Touch’s automatic detection of UI interaction, preventing fingers from passing through UI elements and maintaining a professional appearance.

💡 Object Selection System: Take control of object interaction with Lean Touch’s easy-to-use selection system. Isolate touch controls to selected objects for precise manipulation and customization across 2D, 3D, and UI projects.

Ready to elevate your Unity projects with seamless touch controls and powerful gesture handling? Experience the versatility and convenience of Lean Touch today!

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