Task Destroyer

A game-styled to-do list app. Don't just complete the task, destroy it.
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Task Destroyer is not your average task tracker, note-taking, or to-do list app. Create tasks by entering the title (or image), the health, the color, the size, and the type of task. You can then place them anywhere in space to better organize your to-do list.
You can keep track of your task progress by damaging a task and lowering its health. Once you finish a task you can destroy it by using one of the 12 available weapons to choose from.

-Create and customize tasks by choosing colors, sizes, and types
-Move to organize the tasks anywhere in space
-12 weapons to choose from
-Collect stars by destroying tasks to unlock stuff from the shop
-15 galaxies backgrounds to unlock
-14 Spaceships to unlock
-15 void colors to unlock
-Supports landscape and portrait mode
-Autosave mode

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