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Universal UI Template for all types of games and screen sizes.
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I made this Unity template to speed up my game development. Setting up the game’s UI always took about 30% of my project time. So, I created a simple UI template that works for all kinds of games. It’s easy to use and can be customized quickly.

You need TextMeshPro in order to use this template; make sure to have it installed before importing.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Main Menu: Tailor the main menu to match your game’s aesthetic, creating a welcoming entry point for players.
  2. Dynamic Backgrounds with Animated Patterns: Add a layer of sophistication to your game with animated patterns, elevating the visual appeal of the main menu.
  3. Button Customization: Fine-tune buttons to perfection, adjusting colors, sizes, and sprites to achieve a polished and cohesive look.
  4. Main Color Selection: Define your game’s primary color palette for a consistent and visually pleasing experience.
  5. Text Customization: Choose text colors and fonts to enhance readability and maintain a cohesive design throughout your game.
  6. Level Manager: Efficiently organize game levels with an intuitive manager, simplifying the overall gameplay experience.
  7. Mini Games Manager: Seamlessly control and organize mini-games, providing a diverse and engaging gaming experience within your project.
  8. Pause/Resume Functions: Offer players the convenience of pausing and resuming the game at their discretion.
  9. Restart Functions: Enable quick and straightforward game restarts, minimizing downtime for players.
  10. Sound Manager: Fine-tune the audio experience with a comprehensive sound manager, ensuring an immersive auditory backdrop to your game.
  11. Toggle Music and Sound FX Buttons: Grant players control over their audio environment with toggle buttons for music and sound effects.
  12. Customizable Logo/Title: Personalize your game’s identity by customizing the logo or title, reinforcing brand recognition.
  13. Responsive Design: Unity UI Template adapts seamlessly to both portrait and landscape game formats, ensuring a consistent and polished user interface.
  14. Animation Timer: Control the timing of in-game animations with a customizable timer, adding a dynamic touch to your game.
  15. Popup Animation and Message System: Capture player attention with sleek popup animations and convey important messages through a robust popup system, enhancing user engagement.

This Template is tested on Unity 2021.3.21f1

This template needs TextMeshPro to work.

Who’s the template for?
Indie game developers looking to dive into game creation without the hassle of intricate UI development.

I want to let you know that I originally developed this UI template for my own use. However, I’ve decided to share it here and might provide future updates. Please be aware that there could be bugs, compatibility issues, or areas where the code might not be as efficient as it could be. This project may not seamlessly fit into every game. I encourage you to download the free documentation first to explore all the customization options this template offers before giving it a try. Your feedback is valuable, and I appreciate your understanding.

Assets Used in this Project:

Fonts from Google Fonts:
Lilita One, Leckerli One, Vina Sans, Dancing Script,  Caveat,  Permanent Marker, Amatic SC.

Music: Arpent From https://freepd.com/electronic.php

Unity UI Template v1.1:
Removed the ShowIfAttribute because it’s causing build problems.

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