Unwanted Gray

Help an unwanted particle survive in a chaotic world
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Unwanted Gray is a minimal game with easy controls and a clean look.
Explore a minimal world populated by black and white particles constantly fighting a war for dominance, where you are an unwanted character who’s trying to stay the way he is.
Your goal is to survive as long as you can while collecting stars and upgrading yourself to become more powerful.

▫️35 levels to complete.
▫️3 game modes with unique rules.
▫️9 characters to unlock, and each character has a special ability.
▫️9 themes to unlock and each theme has its own look and color palette.
▫️10 Upgrades to choose from during gameplay.
▫️20 Missions to complete and get rewards.
▫️A difficulty mode toggle to choose between easy/hard.
▫️A Night mode toggle for all themes.

Control the player with a joystick.

This game is approved by teachers and specialists.

This game has been reviewed on Mini Review.

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