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Web Game Distributor List + Free Sample + Free Email Templates

You’ve built your ultimate web game! But where can you publish it to get exposure and earn revenue?

With our carefully curated list of 36  web game distributor portals, you’ll have instant access to a wide array of platforms where you can publish your game, earn revenue, and gain the exposure it deserves.

In this list, you’ll find the name of the distribution portal, the website link, a link to their contact form, and even an email address if available, making your game launch a breeze.

Current Number of game distributor portals in this list: 36 Portals

Plus, we’ve included 6 ready-to-use email templates to kick-start your journey of reaching out to these portals. You can download it for FREE.

Why isn’t the Web Game Distributor List FREE?
I’ve worked hard to discover this entire list, and it took me a year to find and verify all the portals. Asking for a small fee for access helps keep it legit and spam-free, benefiting the distributor portals and ensuring it remains a valuable resource for serious indie game developers like you.

You can get this List for FREE: 
If you can provide a Portal Name that’s currently not in our list, we will add it and give you access to this list for Free! You can contact me from here: https://qookie.carrd.co/#contact

Who’s this list for:

  • New indie game developers who’ve finished their web games and are unsure where to publish them.
  • Established indie game developers who’ve never published web games and can easily port their old games to WebGL or HTML5.
  • Experienced indie game developers who’ve published web games but may not be aware of all the web portals, potentially missing out on revenue and exposure opportunities.

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